Green Heat and Power

Report 3:1999
Green Heat and Power

Thomas Palm, Cato Buch, Bjørnar Kruse, Erik Sauar

Eco-effective Energy Solutions in the 21st Century

Published by Bellona Foundation 1999

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Green Heat and Power (Front page)

II Preface

III Summary

1 The Energy and Environment Challenge

2 Fossil fuels

3 Renewable energy

4. Energy efficiency on the mainland

5. Hydrogen and electricity in the transportation sector

6. From supplying raw material to providing technology

7. A total energy policy

8. References

a1 Gasturbines on the Norwegian shelf

a2 A closer look at fossil oil, well pressure, and produced water

a3 Fuel Cells: From fuel to electricity and clean water

a4 Index of organization names

Green heat and power


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